Fresh & Easy’s Beer Selection

If you ever find yourself frequenting a Fresh n' Easy market like I have, hopefully you try some of the beer's they rotate into the sale's page..  I've, more often than not, been surprised by their selection which ranges from local brews, imports, and the usual commodity of domestics. While theres nothing wrong with grabbing your favorite, a lot of us out there like to take risks and broaden our horizons. Here's a short listing of a few randoms I've tried in the last month or two, and ratings to go with them.

9 / 10 - Kona Brewing Co. 'Longboard Island Lager'

9 / 10 - Leffe: 'Leffe Blonde'

3 / 10 - Hopper Whitman: 'Belgian White'

7 / 10 - Racer5

Hopefully this helps someone pacing up and down the cooler isle trying to make their selection, so they can get to where they need to be and back to loving life.

Thanks goes out to Adriel, John, and Fresh & Easy for making this post possible.. hiccup