Bitbucket, CherryTree, and Tweetdeck

Keeping this one short because I'm feeling kinda lazy.

Just pushed a few things to so far. Still not used to using Git but its coming in handy and keeping things organized so hopefully my brain catches on.

Trying out CherryTree too. I usually only post things I feel havent been covered too much so this thing doesn't become too convoluted. All my little snippets and comments to myself I keep in a digital notebook at Evernote. But I wanted a way to back it up and one with syntax-highlighting or if not, at least support for preformatted text. So far its pretty nice and if you're interested in the idea you might wanna check it out for yourself.

Also been loving the TweetDeck Chrome-app for managing my Twitter/FB. Seems like Facebook doesnt support reading the main news feed as RSS though (although it once did ::sadface::). Tweetdeck is the next best thing. But Im going to eventually try using fbcmd to do something similar since the amount of advertising on Facebook is getting outta hand.